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We start every relationship by developing a thorough understanding of a client’s goals, income and return objectives and tolerance for risk.   Once we complete this important step, we determine an appropriate asset allocation and implementation strategy.  This is then summarized in an “investment policy statement” which is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.  We then decide on appropriate benchmarks and intervals to conduct our formal performance reviews.

After the proper allocation framework is established, we determine which individual securities will be purchased in a client’s portfolio.  We search for successful, high-quality growth companies which typically have a market capitalization exceeding one billion dollars.  Although we are bottoms up stock pickers, we always look for the best companies in industries or sectors which have favorable secular growth trends.

At Premier, our stock selection process identifies exceptional companies with growth opportunities that are not currently recognized by the broader market.   Our competitive edge lies in our primary research.  We continually strive to gain an information edge with regard to company-specific analysis and industry data.  We review a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to develop an investable thesis.  This thesis is then further validated by conversations with company management, suppliers and competitors. 

Our investment team uses many advanced tools and techniques for risk management.  To minimize unsystematic risk, we limit exposure to any single security, industry or major economic sector.  While we are very creative in our efforts to find intriguing investment ideas, we follow a distinct sell discipline to limit portfolio losses.  Portfolios are carefully constructed dependent on prevailing market conditions and the current risk/reward characteristics of each individual security. 

We believe many investors mistakenly focus on the great growth stocks of the past and miss exciting new growth opportunities.  Our process leads us to the great growth stocks of today and tomorrow.  These are high-quality companies in today’s dynamic industries with strong histories and top management teams.
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